Monday, August 15, 2011

NY/HELP Report from Yovany

A Welcome for NY/HELP at the Centro Básico (Middle School)

Yesterday (Sunday) was a day of rest and the whole NY/HELP group was on the football field in Mataderos, enjoying the sun, grass and good football, sponsored by New York, who gave prizes for the three top places.

The community of La Laguna was was fairly, the first place winner.

Today (Monday), part of the group was to complete the construction of stoves, other completed an improved roof. Judy, Austin and the girls (Carrie and Emily) were in the Centro Básico (Middle School), installing computers and teaching the first steps of computing to the students.
Meanwhile Dr. Gordon continued with 30 to 40 patients a day at the clinic.

Everything has been busy today as the afternoon had meetings with the Tribal Council, some materials were
delivered to families, and handicrafts produced by women were bought.
Tomorrow will be the last day working with the tribe and they continue to work until noon, leaving La Laguna at 2 PM and arriving in La Habana, to stay there and leave early on the17 for San Pedro Sula, for a deserved rest after week and a day of hard but rewarding work on behalf of needy families of the Mataderos tribe. Some members go to Yoro to visit the Boarding House (and Petronilla, the house mother), which still supports NYHelp, and learn about their current situation.

Some of the activities, we send in photos ...


House with a bad roof.

House with an improved roof.

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