Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Two NY/HELP Groups Will go to Honduras This Year.

TWO trips are planned for this year.  The first, led by David Makepeace, is going for two weeks, from May 19 to the 30th.  They will be working with the people of the Tribe on community development and construction projects.
The second is scheduled for August 7 to 16.   Gordon Comstock and Judy Toner will be leading a group which we hope will start workingn on a new Kindergarten building in La Kiloma.   Of course, we will be working in the medical clinic as well.

Anyone who would like to come and participate on these trips should contact Ginger at < > as soon as possible.

We will be contracting with Jorge Alexi Ramirez (better known as Joel) to organize the community development work we have been encouraging.  Joel is President of the Tribal Development Committee, and has been doing volunteer work on these projects for the past year.  However, he needs some support so he can continue this exciting work.

Our coordinator in Honduras, Yovany MunguĂ­a, has been helping guide this project, but he is not able to be in the mountains full time. However, his recommendations are greatly respected by the people of the mountain communities.

NY/HELP is providing scholarships to 18 students to help them advance their education past sixth grade.   We hope to expand this program.