Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NY/HELP Honduras November 2013 Bulletin #1

We Continue Strengthening Our Work Partners

In the month of November we were only able to have one meeting with the Health Committee of the Mataderos Tribe.
The 6 members of the Health Committee
(NY/HELP representative missing)

The meeting in La Habana served to get to know the committee and to reinforce the importance of their work in improving the health and well being of all the families of the tribe.
In the meeting we outlined to guidelines for the administration of the medical clinic according to the agreement with NY/HELP. We went through the process of elaborating articles of administration and left them the work of meeting in La Laguna to work on those issues in order to present them at the next meeting.

Another activity at that meeting was to learn how to develop a work plan and an annual Budget so that they might develop a basic plan in December.

In the pursuit of strengthening organization, we also developed cards, stamps and forms for an inventory of the assets of the clinic. 

The Development Committee (CODET), visited the communities in November to promote the development of plans for Projects that they will present to the Development Committee and the Tribal Council in order to obtain necessary resources.

With respect to the agreement regarding the running of the clinic, the Tribal Council, in a regular meeting, approved the agreement, since NY/HELP had already signed; nevertheless,  there will not be a meeting of the General Assembly until December in order to have formal approval.

Actions planned for December 2013

 Database: We will finish a database of at least 60 national and international organizations that support projects involving health, education agriculture and infrastructure in order to request resources from them.

Educational Scholarships: a plan developed with the Tribal Council to support 15 students will be sent to various charitable organizations for implementation in 2014.

Travel: The Health Committee is preparing a trip to a community medical facility in Yoro to view how it functions. Also planned is a trip for the Development Committee (CODET) to visit potential donors in Yoro and San Pedro Sula. Both trips are planned for February 2014. 

Trainings: A training plan will be developed this month with the three tribal groups with whom we work, initiating its implementation next year. There will be more news of these trainings in the next bulletin.

 Jorge (Joel) Alexis Ramírez celebrating his graduation.
Congratulations, Joel!