Sunday, December 4, 2011

Report of communty surveys performed in Mataderos Tribe communities. Municipality of Yoro, Honduras

This is a very interesting report of a survey of the communities of the Mataderos indigenous tribe, located around La Laguna, in Yoro, Honduras. It describes the current state of the communities, and discusses the needs for improvement that are perceived by the people themselves.

The report was compiled by Yovany MunguĂ­a, our NY/HELP coordinator, and translated and read by David Makepeace.

The audio version of the first part of this report is available at the link below. Other parts will follow.

NOTE: The first several sentences are very quiet, so you will need to turn your volume up. The volume increases after that.

Thanks to Skip Tillinghast of Arcade UCC for his help in posting this file.