Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A successful trip comes to an end

Looks like it was a good trip.  The women students really appreciate Aracely and her teaching of the sewing classes.  There will be pictures later.

NY/HELP's coordinator, Joel, bought food supplies to give the workers who are clearing brush around the La Laguna clinic.  The plan is to plant coffee there.

Dr Gordon & Jeff came down the mountain Tuesday and took the bus back to San Pedro Sula to spend the night.

They met up with a friend, Jimmy Alvarado  and had dinner with him.

Today they fly home, arriving around midnight.

Friday, July 21, 2017


 Before going up the mountain to La Laguna on Wed, July 19, Gordon & Jeff visited the Boarding House in Yoro and the house mother, Petronida.  Then they stopped at CEVER to see the kindergarten tables & chairs that had been ordered.  They need one more coat of finish and then they will be ready.

They also bought drum-heads for the La Laguna school band.

Thursday they wen to the Limpira Day celebration in La Kiloma (about 5 miles & 2000 ft lower than La Laguna.  It was interesting, with a parade & kids in Indian costume.

Friday Dr Gordon had a clinic and saw 23 patients.

More when I hear more.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 2017 Mission Trip Begins

This morning, Dr Gordon Comstock and Jeff Dorfman left from different airports to meet up in Atlanta for their flight to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  By this evening they will be in Yoro, Honduras where they will gather supplies to take up the mountain to the small village of La Laguna.

The tentative schedule from today until Sunday is posted below.  Monday and Tuesday will need to be planned as they need to leave the village in time to get back down the mountain  and to San Pedro Sula in time for their Wed morning flight.

On Thursday they will be attending Lempira Day celebrations in a nearby village.  They received an invitation  to this celebration.  The invitation is below/

Lempira Day is a Honduran holiday celebrated annually on July 20. It is dedicated to an indigenous leader of the Lenca people who led the resistance against the Spanish conquistadors in the 1530s.

Tentative Schedule for the week.

 Tues, July 18   Arrive in Yoro Dinner and prepare for trip to the villaje

Wed, July 19   Buy supplies to take to La Laguna. Possibly visit CEVER Vocational School.

                        Travel to La Laguna by pick-up.

Thurs, July 20  Go to Kiloma for Lempira Day celebration

Fri, July 21      Work with the women’s sewing group and possible help

with planting coffee on clinic grounds

Sat, July 22      Similar to Friday. Also seeing patients in clinic

Sun, July 23     Clinic patients. Also discuss clinic area cleanup work and purchase

of cyclone or barbed wire.

I will update this blog as I hear from our group.


 Gordon & Jeff on the plane!