Sunday, August 7, 2011

August Honduras Trip Underway

Seven people left from 3 different airports this morning headed for San Pedro Sula, Honduras for a two-week mission trip. Just getting there has been an adventure, apparently. Gordon and 2 college students, Emily McCormick & Carrie Richter were delayed leaving Chicago (the first leg of the trip from Buffalo to Honduras) for 2 hours due to engine trouble. The plane out of Miami apparently was delayed also, but not as much. It looks like they will arrive in San Pedro Sula about a half hour late. One group from Syracuse (Judy Toner & her grandson Austin) was on time as far as I know and should have arrived at 4:30. Dick DeNise flew from Rochester and was due to arrive at 4:30 also. Craig Wilson, who left earlier than the others from Syracuse did not have as much luck. Within 5 minutes of landing in Miami, his plane was waived off due to weather. By the time they were able to land in Miami, the plane to Honduras had left. He is spending the night at a hotel in Miami with the home of getting on Monday afternoon's plane for Honduras, thus arriving 24 hours late. The twist on his adventure is that all his belongings are in his back-pack, which the airline would not allow him to carry on the plane, or gate check, and has not been reunited with him as yet. Hopefully, all will be reunited tomorrow afternoon and by the time Craig arrives the supplies are obtained so they can head up to the mountains.

The good news is we were able to obtain two donated laptop computers to take to the middle school in Mataderos. Both are Dell computers which have been refurbished, one by a man in Arcade who does this for a hobby to donate them to missions. The other was worked on (it has "issues" mostly a virus) at a newly opened computer store here in Arcade, who donated his time. We really appreciate both of these folks for their donations.

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