Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Honduras Trip Completed, Travelers Will be Home Soon

Things have gone well on this trip, tho 2 of us did get ¨traveler´s diarrhea¨ for a few days. They´re better now. We had a moderately busy clinic, tho the 2 days the others were gone, there were only about 10 patients a day rather than the usual 20-25. Still, very interesting cases. The rest of the group went to La Kiloma, 2000 feet elevation BELOW La Laguna´s 4100 foot altitude, and built some 7 or 8 stoves and 10 latrines (mas o menos) and several more stoves in La Laguna. We delivered the two computers to the Centro Básico, and the kids were almost delirious there! They were practicing with the computers by the time the morning was over, and were better than the teachers by then!

There are 5 computers at the Clinic, which are used mostly once a day by the elementary school in La Laguna (but I watched the kids in 5th and 6th grades and they were learning a lot!).

We had meetings with the Health Committee, and are trying to improve communications between our nurse Mirtila Garcia and the Committee. They have a lot of questions that they want us to answer, and we will need a meeting soon to discuss these (and then send them a response).

Last night, there was a banquet for Yovany Munguia, our NY/HELP coordinator, who is leaving his day job with Sustainable Harvest at the end of the year. He says he will be working on community development projects in Yoro, and will still be helping NY/HELP.

More later!

hasta la vista,

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