Thursday, August 11, 2011

All is Going Well

I received an email from Yovany Munguia today. He is our in-country coordinator who works for Sustainable Harvest. Below is what he reported.

I got Craig on Monday at 5pm and took him to the hotel and all well. (Craig's plane had been delayed & he arrived one day later than the rest of the group) On Tuesday we went to La Habana and then to La Laguna and joined the group, who had come to La Laguna yesterday, after shopping for school supplies and food for their stay in the tribe.

Yesterday, 6 of them went out into the community of Kiloma, loaded with materials for families, and school supplies for three schools and a kindergarten. They will stay in the community and work on it and in El Paraíso, building latrines and improved stoves. It was a tiring trip, and some were on foot and others on a beast, at least 5 km in the company of at least 8 members of those communities that accompanied them. They will be there until Saturday, returning in the evening of that day. Everything is going well so far.

Dr. Gordon remained in the medical clinic working with Mirtila. I will see him again on Sunday 14, which is a day of rest and we will have some meetings. That day there will be football (soccer to us), which is done every time NYHelp is in the villages. Participating teams are La Laguna, Mataderos, El Paraíso y Kiloma, which are communities where the group will work on this trip.

Good. On Monday, the 15, I will report more about how the work progressed.

When I hear more I will post it.

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