Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Travelers Have Returned

Back row: Dr Gordon Comstock & Dr Ron Greco
Front row: Dan Beyer, Trevor Greco, Kathy Kimber, Jennifer Luce, Mary Lou Bogart, Judy Toner

This photo was taken in front of the school mural in El Paraíso, which was designed and painted by the students with help and guidance from some of our group members.

Everyone is now home safely, though some didn't get home until Sunday 19 August, as they had flight delays and had to spend a night in Chicago.

The trip was very successful:  latrines were built, murals painted, patients seen, computer classes for students conducted. The Tribal Development Commission provided a lot of support for this trip. 
On Sunday 12 August, a soccer game and community field day was held in El Paraíso, where the school put on events and games.

This plaque of recognition for "New York Help" was presented to NY/HELP volunteers by the Mataderos Tribal Development Commission at the community field day on 12 August 2012.

In the coming days and weeks a more extensive report will be posted along with illustrative pictures.  The group expects to have a meeting in the near future, to assess the trip and discuss future needs and trips.

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