Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Report from Gordon on the Trip

We had a good trip in the mountains. Ron, Dan and Trevor went to El Paraiso on Tuesday to do work on the latrine project. Judy, Jen and Mary Lou did a mural with the kids at La Laguna, and then went and did the same at El Paraiso on Thursday. Kathy helped me at the Clinic until Friday afternoon, when we also went to El Paraiso. Ron and I had a mobile clinic there Saturday, with Dan and Kathy translating and Mirtila coming for the day. That all went well.

Sunday was a soccer match between El Paraiso and Kiloma, Paraiso won.  The soccer match was just one game, between El Paraiso and Kiloma. The school put on a field day before the game, and we fortunately had enough toys left from the batch Judy brought down, to give prizes. Thanks to God!

Monday Judy and Mary Lou left for Belize. Ron and I did clinic, and Kathy and Dan taught computer classes that day and Tuesday. Trevor was busy helping out in lots of ways.

Tuesday Ron and Trevor left. Yovany has met all of our group, and made sure we were OK. 

Tomorrow the 4 of us go to Copan.

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