Monday, August 13, 2012

The latest News from the Summer Mission Trip

Our coordinator in Honduras sent the following information this morning.

Most of activities planned were realized without big problems. Most of 15 latrines are finished, the murals in El Paraiso created with students, teacher with Judy and Kathy are ready for admiration by everyone. On Saturday, there was a mobile medical clinic in El Paraiso.  Families from Kiloma, El Paraiso and La Fortuna came.  Medical attention was given principally to children, pregnant women and old persons, who have problems walking to La Laguna village (4 kilometers from El Paraiso in a mountainous and difficult trail.

Yesterday, in El Paraiso, the families and volunteers enjoyed of a recreational time, with soccer game, cultural activities and several rural games (palo encebado [greased pole], corridas en costales [sack race], carrera de caballos [horse racing] and others).  All of the group are in La Laguna today and four of them are coming afternoon to San Pedro Sula and the rest, are coming back on Wednesday.

Something important in this trip is that the 90% of the plan, organization and development and coordination of works and support to  volunteers (lodging, transport, meals, support, etc) was made by persons of Tribe and not by an external coordinator (like me). This is an excellent experience for the community and families, to organize all the work of groups, in this case, NYHelp, but in the future, other volunteers groups. The plan is that the Tribe Development Commission (TDC) can handle groups and small (or big) projects to support the development of their communities.

In the next days, Judy, Mary Lou can to give more details of their experience in the past week.

Yovany Munguia  

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