Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Group Mission Activities Begin

Our coordinator, Joel, prepared a detailed plan for the 11 days the group will be working in the mountains.  The plan details are listed below. 


1 TUESDAY  17-01-17 Airport to city of Yoro Group arrives at the airport; from there buses to the city of Yoro to Hotel Marquéz, dinner, preparations for the trip and rest. Volunteer group decides if they should leave supply bags in La Habana, for better comfort in Yoro city and pick them up on Wednesday
2 WEDNESDAY 18-01-17 Yoro, La Laguna Group makes purchases and other formalities in the City of Yoro and prepares luggage. 12:00 Noon, group is mobilized to La Laguna community lodging and dinner at the clinic. Group mobilized in Osman Garmendia’s pickup truck
3 THURSDAY 19-01-17 La Laguna Preparation of equipment for beginning of sewing academy. Joel, David, Judy, Cony, Araceli.
Visit the families who were celebrated for your project; see the progress See the highest priority needs for the continuity of the sewing academy.
4 FRIDAY 20-01-17 La Laguna y la Fortuna
Beginning of Sewing classes, presentation of women who participate. And a group of NY/Help volunteer, who will participate in the education of the Women in the lower part of the tribe; La Misión, Mescales, Las Brisas, El Charro, Agua Blanca, Coral de Piedras, Kiloma.
Group is organized into 2 groups,
Group #1 will be assigned to the La Fortuna community to support Kindergarten floor work. Departure to the community of La Fortuna Time 3:00 PM David, Joel. It will require 2 mules or burros for NY/Help staff.
Group #1 - Sleep at school in La Fortuna. The Community will give security to the group.
Group #2 will support sewing classes.
5 SATURDAY 21-01-17 La Laguna and La Fortuna
Group # 2 continues to support sewing classes Judy, Cony, Araceli.
Group # 1 supports work in La Fortuna Kindergarten, with parents from the community. Group #1 mobilizes to La Fortuna from La Laguna with support of the community. Time 4:00 PM
6 SUNDAY 22-01-17 La Laguna
Perform “Quadrangular Soccer”, communities that participate: La Misión, Agua Blanca, La Laguna, El Paraíso.
Rest in the afternoon for the rest of the group and plan activities for Monday 23-01-17. David will provide the prize for first place, second and third place in the soccer match.
Football coordinator is the president of the team of La Laguna.
7 MONDAY 23-01-17 La Laguna and El Calichal
Group # 2 continues to support sewing classes. They can also support Mirtila in the care of patients if they wish.
Group # 1 travels to the community of El Calichal to support cook stove construction for 2 families. Departure time: 7:00 AM after breakfast. Lunch in the El Calichal Community.
The group will decide whether to sleep in Calichal or return to La Laguna on the same day.
The Community will support the security of the group and its mobilization.
8 TUESDAY 24-01-17 La Laguna
Meeting with Tribal Council leaders of the Tribal Development Committee (CDT) Time 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Meeting with community leaders. Patronato, Water Board, PTA, and others. Time: 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM.
Purchase of crafts for women Time: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM if you wish. Continue with sewing lessons. Lunch 12:00 Noon with all the tribal council and volunteers of NY/Help
I proposed this meeting with community leaders to request support for the clinic to develop emergency activities for safety, teaching and the perimeter fence of the clinic
9 WEDNESDAY 25-02-17 La Laguna to La Habana to San Pedro Sula
New York HELP Volunteer Group, leaves La Laguna for La Habana. Group takes bus from La Habana to San Pedro Sula and accommodation at Hotel Maya Copán. The Group makes plans to go to the beaches of Omoa.
10 THURSDAY 26-01-17 Recreational Places.
Day of rest and fun. Go the the beach at Omoa, or visit museum and other places. Visit safe places which are fun areas and return safely to your home country, USA.
11 FRIDAY 27-01-17 Recreational Places
NY/HELP Volunteer group takes a shower on the beaches of Omoa.
Then readies luggage to leave the city of San Pedro Sula.
Accommodation Hotel Maya Copán.
Meeting with Joel at Hotel Maya Copán . Time: After Dinner. Give some suggestions about the visit to Honduras, on projects and meetings with CDT and community.
Give some recommendations, etc.
12. SAT. 28-01-17 S.P.S. Airport
Group Moves to Airport in Taxi

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