Wednesday, January 25, 2017

From our Missionaries in Yoro

We received this message from Maryjane Westra on Sunday, 1/22/17.  She and her husband Don are our Global Missions missionaries who are teaching at the CEVER vocational school in Yoro.  Maryjane joined our NY/HELP group in the village of La Laguna for a while.  She walked down the mountain from the village, and sent us this email:
We made it down the mountain in two hours, walking neither fast nor slow.  As you said, David, the last part, maybe 1/4, was the roughest with a lot of steep down hill slopes with no rocks on which to brace your feet  and no trees nearby on which to grab hold.  But there were switchbacks, a lot of them, and I used every one.  We dismissed our guide when we could see we were nearing La Habana and he seemed grateful.  We gave him a flashlight for his return trip.  I wonder if he used it. 

I admit to some sore muscles but they are soooo worth it.  The walk was spectacular, breathtaking, inspiring.  I am so glad we did that hike.  What a wonderful way to end our visit to Honduras.  If you get the opportunity and you are able bodied, and sure footed, DO IT!!  The shoes were a god-send. 
It was so great to meet all of you in person.  I trust the rest of your visit is going well and you are feeling good about your work and your relationships.  It warms my heart that your group goes to one place and stays put for a while.  I'm glad to see that you didn't always seemed rushed to get to the next project or work.  Be still and know your God.  Sometimes God calls us to be still, listen, pay attention, appreciate His/her glorious works.  We North Americans are not good at stillness.  In my not-so-humble opinion, you can't build relationships if you are constantly trying to accomplish something.  This international work is all about trust-building which can't be accomplished without taking the time to build relationships.  But, I'm not telling you anything you don't instinctively know.  I am, however, affirming what I saw. 

Blessings, see you in New York.  I'll keep in touch where we will be speaking. 
[Maryjane and Don will be visiting churches in New York state during June 2017.]

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