Monday, August 3, 2009

The Trip had a Bit of an Unusual Start

Gordon lost his passport when leaving the Buffalo to Atlanta plane in Atlanta on Sunday, Aug 2. Fortunately, when he went back looking for it he found the person who had found it! Unfortunately, he was not in time to make the flight to San Pedro Sula with the other three! He managed to get scheduled on the same flight for Monday. His sister Marty & brother-in-law Dan live in Atlanta. I made contact with them & Marty went to the airport and managed to find him. That way he didn't have to spend the night in an airport chair! Monday morning she took him back to the airport and he made his flight.

About 1pm I got an email from another NY/HELPer, Lito Gutiérrez saying he called the clinic nurse, Mirtil, to let her know that Gordon was delayed. This evening about 8:45pm Lito called me to let me know that all were safe in La Laguna now.

The next update will probably be after August 13, when they come down from the mountain and are able to get to an Internet café.

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