Friday, August 7, 2009

A Message from Honduras

On Thursday, I received a message from Yovany.

He said he was with the group for the past few days. All in the group are fine. There were no problems getting to Yoro with three members of the group, on Sunday, August 02nd and with Dr. Gordon and Selvin, on Monday, Aug 03rd. The 4 volunteers are in La Laguna, working in medical clinic. The other 4 Peace Corps volunteers are working in an up-date of the situation of the watershed and water projects of 4 communities of the Tribe. The past two days. they visited the project of La Laguna and Mataderos and now, they will be in El Paraiso village. When they elaborate the reports, they will analyze it with Communal Water Boards, for repair or improvement of those projects.

One of the Peace Corps volunteers, Andrew found his mom, Nancy and they are working together in La Laguna.

If I hear more, I will post it.

Keep this group in your prayers as they work in these remove villages in Honduras.

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