Saturday, July 4, 2009

A letter from Yovany in Honduras

To David Makepeace of NY/HELP

Dear David,

I’m sorry not to have talked to you until today, but from the 25th to the 30th I have been in Yoro with a group of volunteers and have not had any access to the internet, even though I have seen the news. The situation is calm with sporadic demonstrations in the large cities in favor of Mel’s (Zelaya’s) return to power or others (the majority of the population) to support the new president Robert Michletti, the former president of the congress, staying in power for 6 months until the general elections which will be in November of this year.

Just as the missionaries are saying, the blame for all of this lies with Mel Zelaya, as he wanted to generate a vote in favor of a new constitution that would allow him to be reelected and become the “Chávez” of Central America. The other powers declared this position illegal, and, as the president (now ex-president) would stop this effort, what has happened. It is not the military governing this suffering country but civilian power. I think we are better now.

The August group should not be nervous. Here we expect the situation to settle down in the next two weeks. For your meeting on the 12th (of July in Arcade) we will have the situation in perspective.

Today I met with the Mataderos Tribal Council to program the visit of the group and some projects including the inauguration of the new Centro Básico and the situation of the clinic, but, since I just return from 6 days without seeing my family, I will write you tomorrow about that. Also I am preparing a report to send you of activities and finances. I hope to send it by Friday.

The people in the rural areas are fine so don’t fear. My family and I and the employees of Sustainable Harvest are also well.


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