Sunday, May 24, 2009

NY/HELP Trip - August 2009

The next NY/HELP mission trip to Honduras will be the first two weeks of August! Joining Dr Gordon Comstock will be Nancy Savoy of Buffalo, a women’s health nurse practitioner, and Eileen Brittain of Arcade, who will be our Spanish linguist. We will be having a medical clinic and hopefully survey new water systems.

The last room of the new middle school in near-by Mataderos should be completed by the time we arrive. NY/HELP has been working with people from the local communities to build this school, so that children from this mountainous area could continue their education past 6th grade, without having to go to the “county seat” of Yoro, some 20 miles (and 4 hours travel) away. This has been a big thing for the tribal communities here!

NY/HELP is still in need of donations to help equip the library at the school, as well as donations to provide medicines for the clinic and water projects and health improvements in the ten communities that make up this mountainous neighborhood.

There is still time to join the trip, which leaves August 2. If you are interested, or want more information, contact Gordon or Ginger Comstock at

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