Sunday, June 3, 2018


Scott Reinhart sent this message, as the June NY/HELP mission group leaves for Honduras.
“I am feeling confident that we are well-positioned for a productive week in Honduras.  David (Makepeace) answered all the questions, and made all the arrangements that are possible from here. (Our taxi-driver) Mario and his van will be meeting us at the airport at 2 pm.  I am the last to arrive at 1:30 PM.  All of our reservations are set, project plans communicated, and mountain lodging arranged through Joel (our NY/HELP coordinator in Honduras).  We will be meeting with Joel in Yoro and hashing out the details.  Justo and Judy will go directly to the clinic.  ...  Connie, Shelsea, and I will travel to the lower villages, and arrive at the clinic on Wednesday.  …  We will need to spend time some Yoro time planning for our meetings.  
“Ginger sent the shopping list, so we will also need to do that on Monday (Yoro) knowing that the supplies will need to be organized into two portions for separate destinations.”

We will be posting messages received from the group while they are in Honduras.

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