Thursday, July 14, 2016

The travelers' week in the mountains is over.

   There proved to be no cell phone service anywhere around the village of La Laguna during the week, so there was no mid-week report.  Gordon & David are now back in Yoro for the night.

   Gordon said, “We had a good time up in La Laguna. I saw about 100 patients ( including 6 this morning! -- they had walked for 3 hours to get to the clinic.) David did a lot of book work for us, and Joel walked all over, signing up women for the sewing classes that we are planning for January 2017.”

   They went to the vocational school, CEVER, after getting to Yoro (Their driver, Osman, took them there and really liked the place!). They got a tour from the director as well as discussed kindergarten furniture.  Next they plan to go to the student boarding house.

   Tomorrow they will travel back to San Pedro Sula to spend the night & then fly back on Saturday.

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