Sunday, August 1, 2010

NY/HELP Mission trip update #3

I received a cell phone call this morning from Gordon. They were on their way to buy refreshments for the day's soccer tournament. (During every trip there is a soccer tournament between 4 villages)

The trip has been a successful one so far. About three quarters of the Clinic roof has been replaced. They are working on the security fence surrounding the Clinic building. A number of trees have been planted on the Clinic grounds. There was a mobile clinic held in the nearby village of Calichal and Gordon reported treating a 99 year old woman who would not have been able to walk to the La Laguna Clinic.

He reported that every one is well and things are going well. They will be in La Laguna until Wednesday. After they leave the mountains they will spend Thursday & Friday as recreational days, some going to the beach and some to the ruins of Copan.

Your continued support and prayers are welcomed.

Paz y salud,
Ginger Comstock

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William Joseph Darney IV said...

I'm glad to hear the group is safe and doing great!