Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vote Postponed on Deal to End Crisis

According to the deal worked out earlier, Manuel Zelaya and Roberto Micheletti had agreed to let Congress vote on whether to return Zelaya to the presidency, as the international community has been demanding. But congressional leaders, who backed the coup, have yet to call a vote. The accord had also required forming a temporary "unity cabinet" with representatives of both sides. It seems now that Micheletti has put together a "unity" cabinet without Zelaya or any of his supporters. This is from the Buffalo News 11/7/09

According to this morning's LaPrensa Micheletti announced Thursday (11/5) a "hold" during the weekend to finalize the Government of Unity and National Reconciliation following the refusal of deposed Manuel Zelaya to participate in the new cabinet.

There seem to be conflicting stories on why the unity cabinet has not been formed.

Barbara Joe, a returned Peace Corps volunteer who has been keeping close track of the situation on her blog - listed below.

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